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Mom picks: Why you need flat over the knee boots

Ever since over-the-knee boots started being seen on the streets I was hooked. As a boots lover I knew I had to get a pair and with only a few months into motherhood (still not knowing all my heels would go to a rarely ever to see place) I got a beautiful pair of heeled ones that I would dress down very easily. They were block heels though, which at least was smart and I was able to wear them until my son got super mobile.

Now 3 years into motherhood, main caregiver role and with a bum in the oven, it’s so hard to find an occasion to wear those so….these cute FLAT, super comfortable over the knee boots placed themselves in front of my eyes…actually, it was more like “my belly is so big, it’s getting cold and dresses are the most comfortable thing to wear but my legs get super cold, let’s do something about it” Haha



The good news is they are not only for pregnant women, but also for everybody who wants some warm, sleek, nice-looking and comfortable pair of shoes. 

They are extremely versatile, cover your knees, make simple outfits stand out and can be worn with anything. Ok maybe not sweatpants. They are great when left uncovered with a skirt or dress, and over some jeans or leggings. But they are also great under a maxi dress like I did here for added warm and if that maxi has a slit…I love it even more.

This time I wore them with probably the only dress that can fit my belly. If the weather had been cooler, I’d probably worn some tights under. My legs were warm and I felt dressed up without the need of heels.

How about you? Would you add them to your wardrobe? If you already have ones, how do you wear them? Let me know in the comments at the end of the post.



Dress: Mango similar and on sale Jacket: Levi’s (more than super old) similar and it’s a steal

Choker: ASOS, Bag: Asos 

Boots: Sam Edelman (On sale! Available in 2017)

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    • Thank you! I totally understand what you mean. I’m petite too, 5’2″, and struggle choosing what works or not for me, yet I think we can pull over the knee boots having in mind a few tricks. For example my favorite and fool proof trick for wearing them is wearing jeans in the same or a very close color as the boots. So I wear a lot of black jeans or leggings with my black over the knee boots and feel as I had legs for miles haha (some heel is even better, I don’t go past 2-3″) Thank you so much for stopping by!

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