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So..I kind of lost track of my daily pics with the long weekend, short week and weekend again. Moreover my two little sisters came to visit from Colombia for 10 days, so I only did the extremely necessary when it came to blogging. I don’t know why I alway think that having more people to entertain my kids will help me get more work done…truth be told I don’t get much done because I want to spend time with them too and I think my introverted brain doesn’t have the mental energy to accomplish it all.

Now, let’s get into the last week I documented, which I think was the last of June…and remember:

 Sometimes I overdress, others I look like crap. Sometimes I really like how I look, others not so much.


Silk tank top: I designed this top as part of a collection for college. I fell in love with the fit and I’ve worn it ever since every year. Haven’t found one like it.

Boyfriend jeans more like dad’s jeans haha (very similar), Strappy sandals, bralette.


This was a really long day that ended up in a date night. Only remembered to take the pic after I was dressed for date night.

Dress, Sandals (similar)


Cold-shoulder dress knotted as a top (exact top version), shorts (similar), shoes


Leather vest (similar), linen tank, repeating shorts, loafers (similar)


I guess this is more detailed than a pic…

Muscle tank, skort (similar), necklace (similar)


Have a great week! And come back next week for the next edition.

Chao, chao, Julieta

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