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This was a very tiring week. If you’ve seen my Instastories Ben has been going through that horrible 4-month sleep regression, and even though he soothes himself back to sleep most times, he hasn’t been able to take long naps, and wakes up quite a few times during the night. Add to that that I get my work done at nights and go to bed late and you get a pretty exhausted mama.Oh, and the weather, I had to turn the heat on two mornings. I really hope you had a better week and if you had a worst week than mine. I’m so sorry!

Now, let’s get into this week’s wardrobe…and remember:

 Sometimes I overdress, others I look like crap. Sometimes I really like how I look, others not so much.


Cold and crappy day. I only went outside for this pic because my house was so dark.

H&M long-sleeved stripe tee, Publish joggers

Chuck Converse II – I love how comfortable the second version is!


Another super cold day, so I’ll leave you with this in case you didn’t see it in my Facebook or Instagram. Try not to laugh! 


White crop tee

 Leggings My new favorite pair of leggings.

Pointy toe sneakers (similar)

Gingham navy shirt (similar)


Started the day like this. Had a meeting in the city

Continued the day like this when I got home to my babies

Fitted white button down – (Similar) Mine is Zara

UO Lace cropped came, Wedgie Levi’s Jeans

Dolce Vita Block heel sandals (Similar) I believe in investing in a good pair of block heel sandals. Mines are from Matisse and are about 2 years old. I’ve worn them so many times and are still intact.


Anthropologie Linen Joggers: They literally feel like pjs but are really cute.

Asos cropped came, Black leather sandals

Happy weekend!

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