My third trimester uniform 

As you can see I grow big bellies…or maybe I’m just too petite that any belly looks like I’m having twins. Or I just have a very weak abdomen or maybe all of the above. Anyways when the third trimester rolled around and the temperatures dropped getting dressed became a terrible challenge. As a fashion stylist I knew it was time to define a go to outfit that could carry me through those last months: a third trimester uniform that to be honest rarely made it to the washing machine.

This is an outfit that works for anybody whether pregnant or not, so keep reading! I’ll mention the tweaks I’d do for a non-maternity look.

Maternity jeans, a black turtleneck or crew neck top and my flat over the knee boots. OTK boots have the power to make me feel put together no matter what. By playing with a few pieces and accessories, I was able to wear it to prenatal appointments, holiday parties and casual outings. 

For a dressier occasion, I would layer a nice top on top. My favorite was a velvet peplum cami or an unbuttoned dress shirt. For a more casual outing, I would wear my leather jacket or a cardigan and would add a coat on top for extra warm.

In these pics I took my sisters to Times Square to get something to eat and do some shopping. They were visiting to help me those last crazy pregnant days and take care of Chris during my stay in the hospital (I cried so much when they left). Well, back to my outfit, something about the city makes me so excited to wear things I don’t regularly wear in my suburban mom life, so I grabbed my faux fur coat to finish up my third trimester uniform.

As I mentioned before this is a look that works for everybody. For a non-maternity look I would switch to some mid or high-rise skinnies, tuck the sweater in and add a belt. Other than that I would layer and accessorize the same way I did while pregnant. 

Do you have a look that you can easily dress up or down depending the occasion? What was your go to outfit while pregnant? Let me know in the comments below.



My heart breaking at knowing he would not be my only one anymore and my desire of giving him all the attention I could those last days. I think that has been the hardest part about becoming a mom of two.

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