The perfect Casual Meeting Outfit

When you’re a blogger there’s not really a specific dress code for meetings. You know you want to look good but finding that perfect casual meeting outfit is a little complicated. That actually applies to a lot of people who work from home and have the occasional in person meeting. For the other behind-a-screen meetings, pajama pants with a nice top are totally valid, Right?

I wore this outfit to meet with Shana and Gwen to discuss about me being a contributor for The Mom Edit. As you may imagine I was a little (lot) stressed about what to wear. As a matter of fact I had nightmares that she was going to say something like “oh, no forget about it” with only seeing me or would question me about what I was wearing and why.

I would imagine her as Miranda Priestley saying: “You have no style, or sense of fashion.” and me as Andy “Well, um, I think that depends on what your…” but she would interrupt with “No, no. That wasn’t a question.” (I’ve watched that movie too many times. The devil wears Prada just in case)

Is it just me that imagines things like that? I actually have a lot of nightmares about being in high-school or college and not being able to graduate. Yeah, I know! Some kind of issue that therapy could help with.  Thankfully Shana is NOTHING like Miranda and we had a great time. So sorry for that comparison.

Anyways, how did I end up wearing this? Well, I wanted something that was me and that I could be comfortable in. Something that with just a change of shoes could work for my craziness with the kids, cause obviously I didn’t have the day to myself. I parked a block away, my husband took the kids and he picked me up when we were done.

So maybe I got what? a little bit over two hours?

To be honest, you know I’m all about it, I’d worn this before, probably the day before? I threw this together to go out with my family. When my husband saw me, said I looked so chic and comfortable and that it was perfect for my meeting. I was sold, what can I say? That’s a huge confidence boost!

At the end, skinnies, a ruffle tank top and some nice flats is something I would wear on a regular day. The light trench coat and heels took it to another level!!! It was the perfect casual meeting outfit for me.


Coat: Re:named (old) but this one is really cute and is 30% off.

Top: Tennis, my favorite Colombian brand.

Jeans: Zara, if you’re on the curvier side this “Embrace” line fits really well.

Shoes: Asos (sold out) But these are similar and these have me obsessed.

Bag: Asos (old) bit this one is similar


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