Swimsuit for postpartum bodies

My postpartum pooch has been a struggle ever since I gave birth. I know is not very noticeable in the pics, not even in real life sometimes. Here’s where my background in fashion and some styling tricks make the magic. However when it comes to summer, beaches and pools, there’s not much I can do.

There are some mothers who got none or few stretch marks, lost the baby weight and wear a bikini without any problem. There are others who did not lose all the baby weight but feel proud of their bodies and wear bikinis. There are others who avoid the swimsuit all together and others like me who can’t feel comfortable in one and have to look for different options.

Fringe black swimsuit

The stretch marks don’t really bother me, but my saggy belly button with hernia and the loose skin do. That’s why a bikini is not an option for me anymore. I haven’t really tried the high-waisted bottoms because most don’t cover my belly button completely and it looks weird. I think I would have to get an ultra high-waisted bottom, which I have yet to find. So for now I keep my eyes open to any one-piece that catches my attention.

One-pieces used to be the mom swimsuit by default, but they aren’t anymore. It just takes a scroll on Instagram to see that celebrities and famous bloggers are opting for flattering one pieces that look a whole lot better than bikinis.

They don’t show whether you’re bloated or not; don’t show those parts you don’t want to show but do those you do and shape the figure in ways that a bikini could never do.

The truth is I’ve fallen in love with them. We, mothers can take advantage of that and flaunt those mom bods that we hate so much sometimes. I understand my body is different from other moms – I’m so petite – so I made some search looking for swimsuits that could work for more bodies. Watch out for them at the end.

  • This first one is a bandeau cut-out swimsuit. The bandeau part is a little uncomfortable when you move a lot, but works wonders if you still want some details of a bikini. Furthermore the cut outs adds a really sexy looking touch. From the back looks like a bikini, but when you turn around the tummy is covered. In the picture is not noticeable my stretch marks are visible, which I don’t mind. I wish I could have done a close-up of them but my photographer (husband) is always in a rush.


Mom swimsuit

  • This second is a black one – I couldn’t live without black in my life – but has the cutouts and fringe to give it some fun. In this swimsuit my stretch marks are fully covered thanks to the fringe.
    fringe black one piece

So what do you think of bikinis for postpartum bodies? How do you feel most comfortable when going into the water?


Bandeau: Asos (sold out, love this one)

Fringe black swimsuit: Asos (old, love this other black)

More options below

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