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3 ways to up your sweats game

dressed up sweats-joggers

Do you love sweatpants (though I like the word “Joggers” better)? Aren’t they the most comfortable thing on the world?

I think I only started wearing sweatpants after having Chris because being comfortable became one of my priorities when it comes to getting dressed as a mom of a toddler. Before that, maybe the sweat suit for school? (In Colombia all schools have uniforms). Anyways, they are great and a great alternative to yoga pants! Not only can they be worn for staying home on lazy days and running errands but also for going out with the kids and some friends, and date nights. Seriously! 

By the way, did you watch this yoga pants parody(funniest thing ever)?

So here three ways to give your sweats a stylish factor without much thought. Quick note here! Please forgive my face in some of the pictures (you’ll notice which ones) I was in full mombie state because my kid had been sick those days and sleeping and taking a shower was something I hadn’t done that day (or week)

1. Lazy look!

web joggers



This was not planned at all. It’s a recycled outfit from two days earlier, which had not been washed, TMI? Remember The Unbosom is all about imperfections and honesty.

It doesn’t matter whether the clothes are dirty or old (my t-shirt is really old), we can still pull it out.

  • A necklace if we don’t have little hands in the pulling phase add to a more put together look.
  • I really love to half-tuck the sweat shirt or t-shirt in the front: Half tucks can make anything look stylish.
  • Get those favorite sneakers out and I say favorite because those little things can make us feel like “real persons” even for a few minutes.
  • If possible it’s refreshing to sneak out a few seconds to wash your face and put some moisturizer on.  I just did some mascara and blush, which is what I do most days, though The mascara is probably a few days old ( I’m terrible at cleaning my face and I really have to change that)

2. More put-together look


Mom style joggers+leather jacket

mom style: Joggers + leather jacket

Obviously for those rare days that showering is possible…

  • I switched the old t-shirt for something nicer and….half tuck it! Here I went for a v-neck sweater I would normally wear with jeans in a dressier way.
  • Accessories can make an outfit: I usually wear watch and necklace.
  • Nice sneakers or flats.
  • I got my leather jacket out, but a sporty blazer works too. I just can’t live without a leather jacket. If the weather permits I’ll wear one for sure!

3. Date-night look


Date night in sweats


Not on bedtime duty one night? not much time for your beauty routine? No problem.

Quick tip here! Sweats with some details like zippers on the pockets or ankles or that are slimmer from the knee down tend to be more versatile. See how skinny these are?

As long as they are not your oldest, stained sweats they can be adapted.

  • I just spiced up my make up a little bit
  • I also switched the sneakers for block-mid-heels for a still casual vibe. Stilettos are an option too or some nice flats for the not-heel-lovers.
  • Hope you don’t forget your going out bag as I did, I literally was desperate t get out of the house BY MYSELF

So….what do you think of joggers? I’m definitely getting more ( I only have these 2) and will try more combinations. I may dare to say that I like them more than jeans (and I’m a big jeans wearer) for days I want more comfort.


Lazy look: Gap Sweatpants (similar), 5 year old long sleeved t-shirt, Nike trainers (love them in this color)

More decent look: Zara joggers (similar, love these), V-neck sweater, Nike trainers

Date-night look: Ankle boots: Dolce Vita (similar on sale)

Talking about insecurities

As you can notice I got my hair cut between pictures here (there’s only one day difference between them) and I was feeling super insecure since it was the first time I had my hair short in about 20 years.

I now confidence is not supposed to be based on material or physical things. That’s something I’ve learned through depression, therapy and prayer, however as a human I’m still insecure in many ways and material things can make a trick here and there in helping me.

And I write about this because that’s what happened on the second look. Somehow having my hair short for the first day left me in a state of insecurity and I ended up wearing all black, which is the color I feel more comfortable in, and putting more makeup than usual so I could feel confident.

If you think I’m going to say this is bad, I’m not. I’m not a fan of being in front of a mirror for hours (and don’t have time for it) but I realized these little things can help if only used as extras. Make up or clothing will never give me an identity, of that I’m sure but I will not feel bad if I use them given the circumstances. Now, more days into my new haircut I feel myself again and don’t need them as much.

What are you thoughts? …. and what do you think of sweats? do you like them..or not? how have you styled them?

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