Levi's shorts

How I found the right pair of denim shorts + 3 fall styling ideas

Truth time! I’m not a fan of shorts. Like I only have two pairs and I actually like pants for summer. All summer I kept ordering shorts and returning them because I didn’t like any. However I was determined to find ONE pair I would love and wear the end of summer, these fall summer days and next year and the other and the other. I truly love to buy items that are going to last for a long time. I know I’m a fashion blogger and shopping is part of my life but in reality I like to get a lot of wear from the things I buy.

After ordering shorts from different brands I finally settled in Levi’s shorts. I wanted a pair with a vintage look that also met all my requirements which were:

Shorts requirements

  1. High rise! I don’t know if you know but my kids left me with a very soft pooch situation so anything low rise looks horrible on me.
  2. Decent length: I have a butt and I have thighs so I don’t feel comfortable with too short shorts and when you are looking for a high rise pair most are very short..cheeky and no thanks I would love that at the beach but no past that and since I don’t go as much to the beach I haven’t been interested in buying one.
  3. Stretchy and comfortable waist band. One thing I’ve noticed is that the most affordable shorts or jeans have a rigid waistband that is horribly tight while some that cost a little more have a more comfortable one. This comes down to cost and that takes me back to my fashion student days in which sometimes I would not cut an ergonomic waistband pattern because I didn’t have enough fabric or money to buy more. Many times you’ll say “I saw the same thing at this store for way less” True and can be a great piece but most times clothing is more costly because the quality and fit is better.

501 fit vs Wedgie fit

  • Wedgie Levi’s shorts

Levi's wedgie

So I had all my hopes on this pair of Wedgie shorts because I own a pair of wedgie jeans and I literally wear it weekly so I was like: hey, I love the jeans, I’ll sure love the shorts!

Not quite. I truly loved the wash, the high-rise, even the butt although not a lot. But the inseam was too short for me. In the front was great but the back not much. A solution would have been going two sizes up instead of one now that I think about it more. This is one size up than what I usually wear.

  • 501 Levi’s shorts

501 Levi's shorts

So, this is the 501 long version. You can wear cuffed or uncuffed and still have a nice inseam length. I prefer it cuffed. I like it a little long but not too long. Is not a true high-rise but is also not too low so I loved it. Regarding sizing I got them in two sizes, one size up and two sizes up per reviewers recommendations, but I think one size up is enough because the cotton stretches once you wear it. When I tried the 26 I thought it was toot tight and change into the 27. However after sometime it got huge on me and I switched back to the 26, which gets perfect after some wear.

Three ways to wear them for fall

Levi's shorts styling

  1. Pullover and sneakers

denim shorts for fall

Top: Rag and Bone / Sneakers: Reebook / Bag: Madewell (50% off)

2. Tank top, oversized blazer and ankle boots

Blazer: Zara (old) / Top: Abercrombie / Boots: Dolce Vita (similar)

3. Floral long-sleeved top and loafers

501 Levi's shorts

501 Levi's shorts

Top: Asos I Shoes: Vince Camuto (similar in mule)


Shorts 1: Wedgie Levi’s (wearing size 26) I’m usually 25

Shorts 2: 501 Levi’s (wearing size 26) I’m usually 25

Black tee: Caslon in Petite

Floral top: Asos

Wearing shorts into fall? Which outfit did you like the most? Let me know below! and if you have any styling questions feel free to email me julieta@theunbosom.com

Chao, chao. Julieta

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