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Levi’s Leather Jacket, Zara Crop Turtleneck, Bebe Skort, Nine west Over-the-knee boots, Rebecca Minkoff Cupid Tote

Who said winter was only for dark, neutral colors?. I don’t know who did, but that is what I say to myself. I think that all seasons are for dark, neutral colors because those are the only colors I feel comfortable with. Don’t ask me why, because I just don’t know. I just wear a little more white in warm weather, and a whole lot of black and navy in colder weather. However sometimes you need something to pop out and bring some fun to your outfit as much as you need an smile when you want to be serious.

I think the best way to do it (not the smiley think, I smile most of the time, most out of nervousness than happiness actually) is adding pops of color with accessories. This is the very first bright-colored-bag I’ve ever owned. To tell you that clicking “place my order” took a lot of guts. At the end I did it because my dad offered to gift it t as my birthday present last year. I LOVE IT!! and you will probably see it in many outfits.These photos are from a few months, probably 5 months..not so few.. ago but I love them not only because we look like some celebrity family strolling around NYC, but also because this in an outfit that can be easily worn these days that the freezing cold is finally over.




And of course the behind the scenes: Blurry and everything, it was funny because we just couldn’t walk in slow-motion. The slower my brother said, the faster we walked. Oh God, I really see this pic and feel like an instant celebrity. Sigh!



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