Moms can wear crop tops too

A quick side note: It was really hard to post this pic because I haven’t really shown my mid-section to anybody except a few since I became a mom. Accepting it was a really loooonnng process, especially because I never expected it. I decided to post it because The Unbosom is for imperfect moms so I’m pretty sure that most of us have gone through this. But don’t be fooled, that’s just my belly button. My super stretched lower abdomen is covered by my jeans.


If you fall into the category of moms who got stretch marks and saggy skin (maybe an umbilical hernia and some diastasis recti, yeah me) I know “crop top” is a scary word…but it doesn’t have to be.

The truth is, crop tops are not like they used to be in the 2000s. Remember the super low rise jeans and the very cropped tops? I wore that, however the type of crop tops and styling of the past few years are more modest and covered, which is great news for stretch marks and saggy skin bearers, or just any person who doesn’t feel comfortable showing some skin.




The most important trick to have a fully covered mid-section is high waisted bottoms and not so cropped tops.

…and if you worry about your cleavage go for tops with higher necklines that are snug but not tight so that you don’t add a lot of volume to your bust.

The second important trick is to always balance your figure out. Fitted bottoms, loser top. Loser bottoms, more fitted top just like I did with this look.

That’s it! the best way to be able to wear these famous tops that are not going anywhere and still feel comfortable. Your legs will look longer and your overall image will look a lot more stilized. Who doesn’t want that? I think I’ll never get tired of mentioning how important high-waist bottoms are in order to keep your third boob from hanging and mark a waist.

Do you shy away from crop tops because of your postpartum body? Will you give them a try?


P.S My crop top is a little bit more cropped than I would like it to be but I love it so I was like “bahh, I want to wear it” and depending on my posture my deformed belly button would show a little but I felt confident and that’s what’s important.


Top: Asos (similar)

Flare jeans: Zara (similar and on sale)

Sandals: Nordstrom (In love with these)


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