Mixing fancy with comfort: Walking NYC streets with kids

I still remember the days in which I’d say “I can walk all day in these heels”. And It was true, I could! I would go out and walk NYC streets in heels all day. Yes, I would get tired but I managed to do it. Now tell me to go and do it while carrying a baby and chasing a threenager and I will laugh on your face. 

Not even without kids. Last month I had a meeting in Manhattan (no kids) and I ventured out in heels trying to remember those days. I came back home full of blisters and I didn’t even walk that much. 

mom style, one shoulder top, out with the kids

What I’ve noticed is that as much as I miss and love those times, I don’t want to go back to them. Not now at least. I’m happy carrying a baby and chasing after a toddler. I’m happy getting dirty and walking my son to school. I’ve learned to LOVE flat shoes and sneakers and I’m happy about it. Believe me when I tell you the only pair of flat shoes I had before becoming a mom was a pair of sneakers to work out.

Maybe just maybe the surge of athleisure has helped me feel fashionable in my everyday wardrobe. Nowadays, I can’t fathom an outfit without a pair of comfy shoes no matter how dressy my outfit is. 

Switch the shoes I’m wearing for a pair of heels and a clutch and I’m all ready for a date night with my husband. Some days you’ll find me wearing joggers and leggings but most days I love to mix fancy with comfortable. That’s my thing and this is how I now walk NYC streets!


Top: (on sale) My favorite top this summer. It’s nursing and postpartum friendly. You may have seen it in a “nursing-friendly-tops” post I did on The Mom Edit. Comes in white too!

Jeans: If you follow my “weekday mom wardrobe” series you know I don’t take them off! Seriously need a second pair.

Shoes: Not only are they super comfortable, but are also great for a little extra height since they a little platform.

Backpack: The girls on TME team made me obsessed with it. It’s my new diaper bag because even though it doesn’t look like, it fits a ton of stuff inside!


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