Lace-up detail pieces

One of my special styling tricks for my everyday life with my kids is buying simple and versatile pieces that have little details to make it feel special. It’s what I call spiced-up basics.

I did a full post on spiced-up basics and ow they change one’s wardrobe some time ago…and yes I’m wearing this same pullover, which makes it even more truthful because I don’t like to blog about things just because.

This pullover has been one of my favorite buys for quite some time and it always makes me feel like I put some thought in getting ready which we all know is hardly true now that I’m learning to manage two kids (I never will lol)

Since I get complimented all the time on it and asked where I got it, I’ve been searching for some similar ones and I found two (here, here) and some other GREAT pieces with lace up details on sides, along the sleevesfronts and even found a pair of joggers with lace-ups on the side-seams. Shop them below and have fun looking stylish without really trying!

Happy Friday!!!

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