Knit jumpsuit – Our first getaway after kids






While I spend most of my days in a pair of jeans and t-shirts or as lately with some mid-length dresses and jackets, just because pregnancy and comfort, I love the days when I can wear something different. This knit jumpsuit was specifically bought for this day. It was the second night of our first getaway after having kids and we were celebrating my husband’s birthday. Even though all we did was relaxing by the pool and sleeping, when the time came to go out for dinner I was ready to spend some time getting ready.

This is a non maternity jumpsuit and despite not being sure about the body-concious fit I thought a baby bump would look really cute in it. It was perfect! To tell you that the day I was packing to leave, I tried on another dress and my son looked at me and ignored me, however when I changed into this one he opened his eyes very wide and said “I do like this one” What? Well I have a very opinionated almost 3-year-old.

I styled it with the only pair of high-heeled sandals that are comfortable, a bag my husband gifted me and chose on his own (which he did great) and a gold choker. Now that the weather cooled down and my belly is getting bigger by the minute, I’m planning of wearing it with some ankle boots and the best friend of any pregnant woman, a duster coat like this one.


I could not finish this post without this pic. As mentioned before it was our first getaway after having kids. It’s been 3 years and we couldn’t believe we were sleeping in, reading books, not worrying about nap or bedtime. It was truly a breath of fresh air and we decided to do it more often, at least once a year. If you fall in the group who haven’t done it, I truly recommend it.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. We ended up only half an hour away from home because we were worried for Chris, it was the first time, and we couldn’t go where we wanted to go because it was so last-minute and the prices were unreasonable. Anyways it was perfect. All we needed was some sleep and carefree time for us. Do you getaway with your partner? How often?



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