Jumpsuit: a great option for pregnancy style

So..Jumpsuits..I’m going to have to reveal a secret here. When I don’t know what to wear, how to pair a top and a bottom or simply that day nothing matches, fits, looks good or makes me feel good, there’s a 99% chance I’ll reach for a jumpsuit and call it a day whether pregnant or not.

Do you have days like that? Days in which you end up with a pile of clothing either on your bed or on the floor because you just don’t know what to wear? While I don’t feel this way very often because I try to stick to a mom uniform most of the time, being pregnant has made wearing anything a challenge. I have to change a few times before leaving the house and if time gets in the way I just simply don’t look in the mirror and run outside with a big pair of sunglasses because I just don’t feel good in anything. HORMONES! 

A jumpsuit is that perfect piece of clothing that doesn’t need more than a few personal touches for anybody to look good. It literally avoids the headache of styling tops and bottoms and is great for growing bumps. So for those days that you need to look good and can’t or don’t want to reach for your loungewear, a jumpsuit is just a great alternative. Now you know what went on a day that I’m wearing a jumpsuit. Either I have a pile of clothing on my bed or I became smarter and replaced all my clothes for jumpsuits.

This day I had my SIL’s baby shower and I had no idea what to wear. I felt horrible in everything, however this red jumpsuit help me embrace my waist and bump in a beautiful way and I felt really good. There were times I even forgot I was pregnant.


maternity jumpsuit



I know there are amazing maternity jumpsuits, however I’m not a fan of buying a lot of maternity clothing. I practically bought none with my first and I don’t think I will this time around. Maybe just a pair of maternity jeans and leggings because of the winter. For now in this early months I’ve been trying the non-maternity ones I already have that fit my bump and it actually has been both easy and comfortable.

  1. Jumpsuits fitted at the waist are great to make legs longer and off course to show off a waist. They fit perfectly during the first weeks of pregnancy.

2. Dropped waist jumpsuits usually fall on your hips, which makes the torso look longer so it’s great to hide the belly. They are also great for when the belly gets bigger and something fitted at the waist is no longer possible. Size up for the last months of pregnancy.

3. For everyday wear shoot for jersey jumpsuits. Most of my jumpsuits are more casual and versatile so I can actually replace my jeans or yoga pants for a day at the park with my son.



Jumpsuit: Asos (sold out) but this one is similar in concept. It’s red, dressy, strapless but more importantly has spandex and pleats like mine.


For those who are new, I always try to show an imperfect side of everything and this post is no exception. While I will always love a good jumpsuit I can’t sugarcoat the fact that going to the bathroom means you have to get naked ant it’s a little bit annoying specially when there’s a zipper included. So for my forever peeing pregnant ladies the best option is a jersey one that will make getting almost naked easier. Now imagine me going to the bathroom with that red one…it has a zipper in the back! AGH

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  1. Tai says:

    Hi Julieth,

    I know you posted this article a while ago but do you have info on where you purchased the featured jumpsuit. I’m currently looking for something similar and like you, I’m also not a fan of buying an unnecessary amount of maternity clothing.

    • Hi Tai! First of all, congratulations! Yes, mine is long gone and got it at Asos, however just found this one which is very similar, is stretchy and has the pleats at the waist that allow some space for a bump http://shopstyle.it/l/kg7D. This one is similar too (very affordable) but with a wider leg http://shopstyle.it/l/khir…and lastly this one which is more casual but it’s in jersey and can work for a bigger belly.http://shopstyle.it/l/khh9 I have a black one like this and wore it until I was 6 months and I still use it now. You can see more updated picks in the post. Just updated it. Hope something works, if it does please share with me! julieta@theunbosom.com or tag me on Instagram @theunbosom

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