How to wear yellow (mustard) pants

Chambray shirt, mustard pants

I dont know if you have noticed but I’m a neutral colors person. Colors scare me and if I see the black or white color option next to any other color when I’m shopping I’ll forget about colors and get one of the black or white or both. Nonetheless mustard is a color that has gained a special place in my wardrobe because is not as loud as a bright yellow. Confession: I didn’t buy these pants. I wouldn’ have gotten them on my own. My dad got them for me. He likes colors more than I do and was trying to get me to wear more color, but I actually like them.

I kept the rest of the outfit minimalistic, I always think less is more and apply it everyday in my choices.

A chambray shirt is timeless and can make anything look put together. I gave a try to the “editor shirt tuck” in which only one side of the shirt is tucked. According to fashion editors it makes any outfit look more stylish. I really love the look but between crouching, running and carrying my toddler I found it undone all the time.

I can’t live without my chucks, especially white! But I think some slip-ons or trainers would look just as good.

There’s a “rule” in fashion that says a 3-piece-outfit looks more thoughtful and stylish. During the cold months is easy to do 3, 4, 5 pieces but when it stars to warm up all the layers and outerwear are not an option. The good news is accesories can be the 3rd piece. I usually go for a leather belt, watch and sunglasses. It makes the whole difference! Oh and necklaces when my son allows me to.

P.S Did you know that headphones have the power of immobilizing your toddler for a few minutes? (just a tip for pics with them)

Do you like colored pants? these are propably the only pair I have, but I’m loving some Bonden chinos. Would you wear yellow or mustard? Keep scrolling to the behind the scenes for the story of the day I fought with a dad at the playground.
chambray shirt, mustard pants, white chucks






Top: Guess (this J.crew is great)

Pants: Armani Exchange (old, love these chinos)

Belt: Don’t remember (similar)

Chucks: Converse (Love these completely white)


As most (all) of the time since I became a mom, I’m clueless with Christopher’s new behaviors. When he turned 18 months he changed a lot, literally. He woke up more defiant, saying (yelling) NO to everything, not wanting to share and hitting kids at the playground. Specially the last one has caught me off guard. He used to be the sweetest. But then that week I took him to the park and there was this little girl crawling towards his ball. He started yelling “nooo, nooo, noo”. I thought it was good that he recognized a stranger was going to take something that was his. It’s just normal, right?. I only told him that it wasn’t ok to yell, that he should be gentle with the little girl and encouraged him to share (I don’t like to force him). That happened a few more times until the baby started crying and I felt like the “worst mom in the world” .

A few days later, the day of this outfit, we were at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Chris and my husband were playing with the ball when a boy about the same age as Chris came and wanted to play. Christopher immediately started yelling “NOOO”. I looked at his parents with the “let’s get out of here” face and I just wished the ground would swallow me up.

Fast forward two weeks, I met with a friend and her family and went to the park. She left her teenager at the basketball court and we headed to the playground. By now I was getting scared every time I took him to the playground because now he was hitting the kids without any apparent motive. I was seriously considering that I was just failing at parenting. Christopher played normally for a while but just when I was relaxing a bit I saw him hitting and yelling. I immediately stepped in to stop him. I checked on the crying girl first and hold her until her dad came. Chris had scratched her cheek and it was bleeding a little. (Imagine my horror) I took Christopher and said “hitting is not ok, it hurts. We are leaving the playground” and removed him from the situation (that’s what I thought I should do)

As I was leaving the dad started yelling at me “hey miss, don’t ever bring your kid to a playground. He is a danger to society”. He was right on being angry. I know how frustrating that is, specially with a girl. You don’t want scars on their faces ( I’m one of four girls) But he did not have any right to say that. It hurt! I ignored him and kept walking to the exit not knowing what to do. But this man followed me and kept saying the same thing over and over. I stopped and turn to talk to him. I said “Sir, I understand you anger. I’m sorry my son did this” but he wouldn’t calm down. He yelled again “If he doesn’t know how to behave don’t take him out. He is a danger to society”.

I tried to hold my anger but I just couldn’t anymore and dropped the F* bomb and told him “If you can’t understand that kids play and fight don’t bring your daughter” and left – I’m not one person to drop the F bomb easily so when I do it is because I’m furious.

It took me about a week (and telling the story 100 times to everybody) to stop feeling anger towards that man and forgive him.

Lesson learned: I’ll try to remember to clip tiny fingernails every time I know he is going to be around more kids. (at least there won’t be blood)

If you are a mom who’s going through this, please know that “this too shall pass” you are not a parenting failure. He’s gotten better, though he still has his days as any other kid who is learning to handle his emotions. Let’s all support each other and not take our kid’s behaviors personal and as maddening as it is to see our kids hurt, I think is important that our kids see us react in a mature way. How about just consoling your daughter and be there for her? That’s way more important than catching fights! Sorry guys, just venting!

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