How to keep wearing your fancy clothes as a SAHM


I’m my pre-kids life I used to have 2 wardrobes to account for my more formal and special clothes and my casual, more like old, clothes.  There was very little overlap between these two and I would never wear a top I loved with some casual jeans on a weekend I wasn’t doing much just because I would say “oh, no I can’t waste this today” even if I wanted to wear it.

Once I became a mom and decided to be home, all my “nice and special” clothes stayed intact in the back of my closet for extended period of times waiting for the right occasion. Even if I wanted to wear something from it on a regular day, my mind would yell “you’re going to be home nursing a baby 200 times a day, save it for other day” but the day never came or it would be a long time before it actually did.

It took some time and change of my mindset about my new role and job, but at the end I decided that taking care of my son, managing to get out of the house and going to the playground or supermarket was especial enough for me to feel good and wear what I wanted.

After going through my wardrobe, I found that a big percentage of it could be dressed down and was comfortable enough for my new lifestyle.  Now I have a theory: at least 80% of my closet has to be comfortable enough for my everyday life BUT should also be versatile enough for most of the occasions I need to dress up. I don’t really allow more than a 5% of dresses, some tops, heels that are special occasion specific because who wants to spend money on things that will only be worn a few times a year?

That’s how pants that I would only wear for a night out or some other event with heels started being styled with sneakers. How more fancy tops paired with a comfy pair of jeans and some flats were playground appropriate and more importantly how I started feeling better. Sometimes all a mom needs is some care, whether it’s getting your nails done, or taking a long shower, or just wearing the clothing you like.

Without further ado, I’m going to show you how two items of clothing I would only wear for special occasions became part of my everyday life.


This lace-up top is one I would keep for fancier occasions, the same for this skort. Yes, they are shorts! I’ll show you below. I wore this for a Facebook conference without kids involved! hence the heels, but let’s be honest! wearing this outfit on a regular day is not possible.



This is a really nice pair of skorts. They are really well made, the length and fit are awesome and the best is they can be worn all year round. Add a sweater and over the knee boots and they are great for fall. Here, in order to dress them down I went for a linen tee and a pair of flats. They are totally “toddler mom” appropriate and I feel more comfortable than with my regular cut-offs.



You can handle your toddler giving you a strong hug that throws you off-balance.



The easiest way to dress down a top is to pair them with some cut-offs and comfortable shoes, in this case I love these platform espadrilles.




Only one down side to this top. Cooking with these bell-sleeves is not an easy task! Folding the sleeves works for 10 seconds,  so I’ll definitely wear it for days I’m meeting with other moms and not cooking until later that I can get in my pj’s.

How about you? Do you have two separate wardrobes? Would you try to overlap them and change a little bit your everyday style? What are other ways you take care of yourself as a mom who is contantly giving?


(Mostly everything under $100)

Lace-up top and skort: Asos

Linen tank: Everlane

Pointy flats: Vince Camuto

Espadrilles: Soludos

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