burgundy boots - mile high Levi's jeans

The color combo that’s making me look taller: Burgundy and navy!

I don’t know if you can notice in the pics but I’m petite. I only stand 2 inches over 5 feet. Throughout the years I’ve tried many ways to visually look taller…or at least not shorter than I am. I’ve had successes and failures. One of the best ways to look tall is to keep the same palette in the majority of what you’re wearing. I LOVE monochromatic outfits due to that, however sometimes I want to mix and match and this was one of those.

So…how to keep a vertical line without going for the same color all over?

The straight answer is “wear your dark colored jeans with burgundy boots”, but let me elaborate.

I’ve been a fan of wearing black and navy for a while and I get the same benefits of an all black look. So, with that in mind I decided to try the darker shades of other colors like burgundy and it worked! The navy from my jeans blends perfectly with the rich burgundy suede of my boots and creates a long line instead of cropping my figure.

I’m ok with having only two pieces of my outfit elongating my body. It can be the top and the pants or the pants and the shoes, however this time my sweater came to play too. Its color looks richer and deeper thanks to the chenille material and that helps to keep a vertical line from head to toe.

burgundy boots - chenille sweater - mile high levi's jeans

This color combo is pretty great. Don’t you think?


Sweater – On sale for under $30 (less than I paid) You could size down for a more fitted look

Jeans – 40% off now! They have become my favorite. TTS.

Boots – Most comfortable heel and most versatile color. It is! It goes with everything. More affordable here!



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