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One jacket, 3 outfits: How to wear a suede jacket

Does it happen to you that sometimes you only wear let’s say a specific t-shirt with a specific pair of jeans because is the outfit we have stored in our brains and as moms we can’t spend much time thinking about other options?

Having outfits pre-selected that we go to when we don’t have time to think is one of the key factors to look stylish. However when we get stuck with certain combinations we are wasting the potential our wardrobe may have and that’s where the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” starts.

Sometimes people ask me, how many pair of jeans I have, and to be honest I have around 5 or 6, but what makes them look different is the way I style them.  That has come to be a really important factor of my life as a mom. Since I’m home most of the time, shopping for a lot of skirts or dresses is not practical. And I don’t really like to buy many things that are going to be worn once or twice a year. So, when I shop I try to think of ways I can wear a piece of clothing. I always ask myself if I can both dress it up and down.

This suede jacket is a perfect example. The suede gives a high-end touch to any outfit but also with the right pieces can be dressed down. So here I have three different outfits for three different purposes. The jacket is not the only item repeated, you can see the shoes, shirt and pants repeated too.

1. Super comfy outfit



Weekends used to be my preferred days to wear heels and things as such. Not anymore. Our family activities are going on walks, going to parks, playgrounds or take Chris biking. It would be silly to wear heels. This outfit could easily go with some heeled ankle boots, however it looks just as good with a pair of sneakers.

2. The date outfit



Sometimes we sneak  in a little date when we visit the grandparents. They enjoy some one on one time with Chris and we go and have some adult time. It’s a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit, however some accessories and this jacket and is on another level.

3. The more dressy outfit


Denim on denim, pencil skirt

I wore this to a conference and every time I’m not chasing a toddler and the occasion is somewhat more formal than my everyday life I’ll go for things that I don’t usually wear, like a pencil skirt, which is in denim cause I get more wears that if it were a more formal one. I think that with the right top and shoes could work for a more relaxed outfit. The jacket provides a little warm if needed and a cool factor when is draped over the shoulders.

Do you get stuck sometimes with outfit combinations? Have you thought of pieces in your closet that you could give some more wear to?

I think it’s really important to have versatile items in your closet. It doesn’t really matter how much clothing you have but what you do with that.


Suede Jacket: Mango (similar)

Chambray shirt: Bershka (similar)

Pants: Zara (similar and great deal)

Sneakers: New Balance

Ankle boots: Vince Camuto (crazy about these and with different heel)

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