How to style over-the-knee boots into a casual outfit

Over the knee boots, specially those with heel tend to look both dressy and sexy, that’s probably the number one reason they are left for night-time. But hey I’m a mom and my night-time is mostly spend in my pj’s, with a glass of wine and Netflix, so I find ways to wear the things I like in the daytime while still looking casual. I wouldn’t really wear these boots on a normal day that I’m mostly home but since I was taking my brother to eat pizza in Brooklyn I dressed it up a little.

Mom style over the knee boots


Mom style over the knee boots



Mom style over the knee boots


So…how to make over the knee boots casual? The key here is to keep the outfit simple and relaxed.

  • A pair of jeans you love – a tip for petite girls, choose a similar hue to your boots, that way the legs won’t look shorter. If you don’t care and you want a different color, DO IT! The most important thing is that YOU feel great.
  • A relaxed fit t-shirt (graphic for a cool added factor) I’ve been staying away of snug-fitted t-shirts because one huge reason, my mommy pooch is less noticeable that way and the half-tuck looks better.
  • Leather jacket:  I’m obsessed with leather jackets and to me everything looks better with one on. Real leather jackets though expensive last a life time. This one is like 6 years old and was affordable (love this one)
  • Accessories: A belt that peeks out your half-tuck and a delicate necklace.
  • Tips for boots: Mid-block-heels. They are great for both night-time and day time. However, if you’re not into heeled boots, there are amazing flat over-the-knee boots (love these)

Do you like over the knee boots? Share how you style them… and don’t forget to scroll down because I had a terrible brain-malfunction that day.


Top: Asos (this one is great)

Jacket: Levi’s (old, very!) Similar 

Jeans: Zara (old and don’t fit anymore)

Belt: Armani Exchange

Boots: Clavin Klein (similar, these are some beautiful flat ones)



Why on earth am I jumping? I was celebrating I got there after my brain played me a trick.

After picking up my brother, I started driving to Brooklyn, which was not more than a 20-minute-drive. I have to note that I KNOW the way there – I used to pick my husband up at school every week – There was some traffic, so my brother started a conversation. I think he is more introverted than I am, if I speak 1% of what I think he does 0.5%. So when he talks I do what I do best LISTEN.

He was telling me his latest news and started to ask me, what does (x word) mean?, how can I use it? ( he is studying English). So I paid close attention. We were having this amazing conversation but when I turned to see where I was. I was almost on the Williamsburg bridge going to Manhattan and I had just passed the last exit. How can I make these stupid mistakes all the time? Chris is going to start screaming. He hates the car seat. AGHHH… (the dialogues in my head) I kept looking for a way out even when I was already on the bridge…

We toured all downtown Manhattan and took the Brooklyn bridge back to Brooklyn. I took us more than an hour to get there. Thankfully Chris got entertained by the buildings and bridges and made the ride enjoyable. When he’s screaming I can’t concentrate. Anyways, this brain malfunction turned into a nice memory. I think all I can do when I make these stupid mistakes is laugh at them and accept that I can’t do everything right.

…and remember nobody is perfect and there’s no shame in that!

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