4 ways to style a maxi dress for fall / winter

Styling a maxi dress for fall and winter is a little trickier than doing it in summer. When most people think of maxi dresses, they (me included) imagine summer, a pair of sandals and maybe a hat. What we might forget is that maxi dresses are some of the most flattering and comfortable pieces women can wear and we are losing those benefits when it’s cold. Besides wearing pants all those months sometimes gets boring and exhausting.

Unfortunately (for this mommy brain) I’m very pregnant and I’m due in the middle of winter which means getting dressed has been way more difficult than I thought and I’ve been forced to think how to be comfortable.

As a person who likes to buy pieces that give a lot of wear for the money, I’ve tried to find maternity clothing that is still wearable after pregnancy (more like non-maternity that I can wear while pregnant haha) and that’s exactly how I came back to maxi dresses, because believe it or not they are still a great alternative for fall and winter weather.

So in order to show you 4 ways to style a maxi dress for fall/winter, I’ve chosen this beautiful floral maternity dress (which works as non-maternity) and partnered with its brand Pink Blush to GIVE AWAY a $75 US gift card to one lucky winner (you don’t have to be pregnant). Giveaway closed!

For now let’s get to the fun and watch the video to see 4 amazing ways to style a maxi dress for fall and winter and then continue to read some more details.



Some guidelines:

– a not too breezy fabric to make sure you will not get cold.

– if you’re going for floral as I did, a dark hue as background takes it from summer to fall/winter easily. 

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to shoes (flats, sneakers, boots) however my favorites are ankle boots and over the knee boots, but more often than not I’ll go for over the knee boots either heeled or flat. Why? They provide extra warm in the legs and I really hate having my knees cold.  



This is one of my favorite looks during fall and I love the bohemian feel.  A leather jacket is a fool-proof formula that will always elevate a maxi dress. However, this time I wanted to play with something more unexpected, like a suede jacket in a color that enhanced the dress.  I added a choker and a tassel crossbody and I was good to go. 

Dress: Pink blush C/OJacket: Mango (similar) (I have it in a different color and love it)

Bag: French Connection (similar) , Choker: Don’t remember (similar)




If the temperatures are chillier it’s time to layer. A not so thick turtleneck under the dress will add a sophisticated touch and provide extra warm. If you’re feeling risky, play with the neckline. This dress was easy to convert into an off the shoulder and I honestly loved how it look with the turtleneck.

Chokers not only look great on a bare neck but also on top of a turtleneck, but try a metallic one.

For the top layer, I went for my leather biker to add more warm and obviously an edgy touch, but the suede one or a blazer would look great too.

Dress: Pink Blush (C/O)Turtleneck: Asos

Jacket: YSL (affordable, still leather), Boots: Calvin Klein (similar)




This dress not only looks amazing with a turtleneck under it but with one over it and still keeps standing out. So when temperatures drop more a chunkier sweater over it is both cozy and stylish. My recommendation for pregnancy is to go for a cropped one so your belly doesn’t have a lot of fabric on top making you look bigger.

I love how the floral print allows me to play with different shades for either jackets or accessories. This deep red bag brought the flowers out even more.

Can you notice my happiness when changing into my flat over the knee boots? It’s like the more years into motherhood the less I can handle heels. #momlife

Dress: Pink BlushTurtleneck: Zara (similar)

Boots: Sam EdelmanBag: Asos




I kept my chunky warm turtleneck and changed the leather jacket for a coat with faux fur collar. Instant added warm! Again I played with the tones in the print and chose my coat based on it. Despite the coat covering more dress area, the neutral light color allows the dress to stand out. 

At this point of coldness, some tights or leggings are great to add. Even a light jacket between the sweater and coat works great.

Dress: Pink BlushBag: Asos, Boots: Calvin Klein (similar), Turtleneck: Zara (similar)

Coat: Asos (this one is very similar) More light-colored coats below.



There you have it! 4 ways to wear a maxi dress in the cold. I could have still kept rotating the same pieces and gotten more looks and I know you can too. Being stylish is not about having tons of clothing but knowing how to work out the things you already have, even in pregnancy!

The lucky winner of the gift card was Stephany Millian! Congratulations!

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