Honoring the father of my children with a JORD luxury watch! (Giveaway)

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How could I forget his support during the birth of our boys. The way he held my hand while I pushed. His encouraging words. His teary eyes full of joy and awe when we saw them and held them for the very first time. 

How could I forget the way he grabbed and held my hand tight when the doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat of our angel baby. How he tried to be strong for me even when he was dying inside. 

On Those three days I saw a different and better man be born. A great father!

It’s been quite a journey. So many sleepless nights, diapers changed, clueless parenting moments, but one thing I know for sure: he’s the greatest blessing my boys and I have! Even if sometimes I really want to kick his butt!! 

Father’s day is around the corner….

and honoring the person who fathers our kids is not that hard. This man’s love language is acts of service. He never asks for anything more than being served all day! Sleeping in, breakfast in bed, being able to watch Meet the press without interruption, coffee, water, pasta pesto with shrimp, dessert, more snacks, more sleep (WHAT? and I said it wasn’t hard)

However he also likes gifts and I always like to give him a little something. This year thanks to JORD  I’m pleasing him with probably one of the things he loves the most. A watch! He doesn’t care for clothing but a watch? He wants one in every color, material and style. He loves unique and timeless pieces.

JORD Luxury Watches has the most beautiful and classic timepieces. They are well made, luxury wood watches and you will not see any other watch like it. My husband couldn’t contain his excitement about his! He absolutely loved it!

Going back to love languages, Chris, my oldest boy loves gifts and surprises. He likes to give and receive, so he couldn’t be more excited when I told him we had a surprise for daddy!

Una sorpresa ma? He asked.

You can please your man too!

Today in partnership with Jord watches I want to give one of you the opportunity to win a $100 gift code.  But don’t worry everybody wins!! All participants will get a gift code for $25 so you can honor that man in your life with a unique wood watch.

All you have to do is click the link below and register for it! Giveaway closes on June 25th 11:59 pm. 

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Click here to WIN $100 JORD gift code 

XO, Julieta

Sponsored by JORD wood watches but all opinions are my own! Would never recommend something I don’t love first!

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