The easiest way to add color to your neutral wardrobe

Do you have a too neutral wardrobe? Especially during the cooler months?

It’s so hard for me to step outside of a neutral palette and add some color to my wardrobe. Every time the weather starts chilling out I start wearing lots of black and navy blue with some variation of olive-green and gray. There’s nothing wrong with these colors, as a matter of fact they are key in any stylish and functional wardrobe. However sometimes it tends to get boring and it’s time to add some color. Adding color doesn’t have to be hard and there’s a very easy way to do it without compromising your style or money.



If you’re unsure about spending some money on an item in a color you’re not very used to, the easiest way is starting with accessories. It may be a scarf, a pair of gloves, a belt or my favorite right now, which is a small bag. Why? There are colors that make us look washed out. While that doesn’t mean we can never wear them, it does mean that too close to our faces may not look as good as we like them.

Make it a color you like, not just any color. I love red and have been adding it little by little. Even though I have a few red pieces I like to wear, I’m not crazy about wearing them that often. On the other hand with this bag I’m obsessed and I feel like I can mix it up easily with my wardrobe. It always ends up adding a little something. But believe me, getting my head around this one and not the black one took some time. I think it really helped that I loved the suede/leather combination (real leather btw) and the price was a total steal.

Are you ready to add more color to your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!


Lace-up top: Asos (similar)

Velvet Choker: Asos

Bag: Asos (It’s real leather and there’s more colors)

Jeans: Zara

Ankle boots: Asos (similar) (oxblood)

Behind the scenes:

ppw8 ppw6

In case you didn’t know October is not only Breast Cancer awareness month but also Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness month. Last year when I first found out about it, I had just heard the sound of silence instead of a heartbeat. The solace I found in all the stories shared during that month helped me to feel incredibly less alone and guilty for my loss, so I’ve always tried to be very open about it. To tell you when I started telling people what happened I received a lot of me too’s coming from women in my social circle.

If you’re not following me on Instagram you must be wondering the why of the white pumpkin in the pictures. A few days before going to the pumpkin patch, I had read about a mom remembering her angel babies with white pumpkins and I loved the idea. When my son was choosing his and his little brother’s pumpkin I felt the need to get the third one. Even though I kept living and am ecstatic about this rainbow baby I’m blessed to carry, the grieve comes and goes. As much as people think that is good to forget about those things and let it go, remembering and relieving those situations help us heal.

You know when a loved one, like grandparents, have passed away one thing we like to do is seeing pictures to remember them? and that doesn’t mean you’re stuck there? In that same way mothers that have lost their child want to remember. We may not have a lot of memories, but we remember the time we were pregnant with them, the picture of the positive test, the sickness that told us everything was going fine or the few sonogram pictures we have. Unfortunately society thinks that because the baby was unborn or only lived for a short time, he/she never existed and simply avoid talking about it. I truly hope all the women that feel comfortable talking about it do so until it stops being a taboo. That way people are able to come as a community and help those grieving.

  As for me I’ll keep doing it and every fall, I’ll have my white pumpkin decorating my house. Now we have three pumpkins on our console table and when Chris asks who the white one belongs to, I tell him is for a little angel baby that is in heaven and he says: ohhh! yes!

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