dress up boyfriend jeans

Dress up boyfriend jeans in a comfortable and easy way

Boyfriend jeans are one of the most comfortable fits available. They are a very refreshing break from skinny jeans. I often find myself wanting to wear them even those days that I want to dress up a little bit. I usually style them very relaxed, t-shirt and flats, but this time I wanted something more edgy yet comfortable.

First of all, I think getting the right type of boyfriend jeans is important. I love slim fit because they are not so slouchy (a petite with super slouchy pants hmmm not so good) Another important factor is the rise! I’ve found that mid or high-rise usually holds the pouch in place and helps a lot with the dreaded muffin top. Sometimes muffin tops are pure effect of low-rise bottoms.

3 easy tips to dress up boyfriend jeans

  • When it comes to shoes, heels give a more feminine touch. Block ankle heels are always my go to if I need to be comfortable but some stilettos would work perfect for a date night.
  • A good blazer on top of a camisole does wonders. I always look for some special details like zippers and different collars to make it different from the basic one.
  • Oh and folding, rolling or cropping those jeans. When they hit just where the ankle boots start they look amazing!

Have you tried boyfriend jeans yet? If not, would you give them a chance? If yes, how else would you style them? … Keep reading for the behind the scenes of these pics, it was one of those terrible days in a mom life!


Blazer: Zara (old, love this one)

Camisole: Asos (obsessed over this one)

Boyfriend Jeans: Zara ( love these)

Ankle boots: Vince Camuto (similar and on sale)


We moms deserve a daily award. Seriously. We survive on little sleep and make tired part of our personalities. But every once in a while that machine we call body starts malfunctioning and this is one of the many days my brain just stops working. Not the most convenient day.

My sweet toddler needed his 16 month well check-up. First of all I remembered to make the appointment (I am A-W-E-S-O-M-E) But I had to reschedule because “it SNOWED” a little but my lovely and always worried hubby told me to cancel. When I called to do it, the lady on the phone asked me “when do you want it, this week or next?” I should have probably noticed her brain was apparently worse than mine because it was Friday – I guess that week wasn’t possible anymore – anyway, I said “next please, do you have any space on thursday afternoon?” she said “yes, 2.15” I immediately created the event in my iPhone because otherwise I forget.

The day came and I planned my day around my kid’s naps because I avoid the “OT” (overtired) toddler like the plague. There was no way he could take his nap at home, so I left before he would get sleepy. He fell asleep in the car within 10 minutes.


I celebrated and kept driving. As soon as I got to the city I parked so that he could sleep better. After an hour or so he started moving and opening his eyes.  If you are a mom you know that feeling, your heart pounds faster and stronger “please, don’t wake up, don’t wake up, DO NOT WAKE UP” “sh***, he woke up” (I should note he sleeps a 3 hour nap so an hour is too short) I played it cool and started driving again hoping he would fall back asleep. He DID, yeeeyy!! I parked again next to a fire hydrant – I know GENIUS – within five minutes a police car stopped right by my side instructing me to move away. I noded and drove away but Chris woke up and this time he wouldn’t fall asleep. I drove 20 blocks uptown, then 20 blocks downtown but No. There was nothing else I could do “Earlier bedtime” I said.

I finally made it to the office, despite all the crying in the back. I walked into the building with my “yes I did it” face. Then, I proceeded to announce myself while glancing at the waiting room for the kids “PARADISE, he will be entertained here without my help” I thought. But then I heard “you don’t have an appointment today, it’s next Thursday” …wait, wait, wait WHAT? WTF? (did not say this out loud) “no, no, no there must be a misunderstanding. I, I called last week to reschedule for next Thursday, which is TODAY” I said. “I am sorry it is not today, it is next week” she said. I remained silent trying to explain her with my eyes everything I had to go through to be there that DAY. She only said “she’s fully booked today, there’s no way she can see you”

OKAY, fake smile. I called my husband, who luckily hadn’t left work to come to the appointment. “It is not today honey. It is next Thursday. No, I am not crazy. BELIEVE ME. She said “thursday next week” not two weeks from today”. He laughed and said “come and pick me up and we’ll go eat something”. In my mind I was “what? did not I just tell you that we’ve been in that car for hours and now you want me to put Chris back in the car seat again and drive to the moon to pick you up? Are you insane? You must be hungry cause you’re not thinking straight” (I love the dialogues on my mind). But I only said “Okay babe. We’re coming”. I took my stroller and walked out of that office.

I was hating my husband so much but then it came to my mind that we were only 20 blocks away but my exaggerated mom brain had translated it into 200 blocks. We got there in minutes. I was starving so I said “I’m hungry, something fast” which equals Burger place.

I ate a whole burger with FRIES, which was ok. But then, there was this wall behind me with a milkshake drawn. Ron said “Do you want a milkshake?”, No babe. Its ok. “we’ll share it” he said. “Oookaaayy” I was SOLD. “But christopher can’t have cause he is enough OT for today and this will cause him a sugar spike and NO THANK YOU”.

You see? I don’t know why I make good decisions for my son but not for myself. I am so wrong. I got my milkshake and started sipping nonstop. It was the SWEETEST thing I had ever tasted, HORRIBLE but I did not know how to stop. My husband took it from me but I quickly said “no, no I need it for my pics”. My milkshake was the final accessory to my outfit as you can see. 

Obviously I got dizzy, my stomach started protesting during our way back home. All I could say was “oh God I am the worst” followed by “Babe, did you finish the milkshake?”, “GIVE IT TO ME NOW”. Yeah…some auto control would be nice

Update: I remembered to go the following week and had a better day.


Do you have days like this? Is mom brain really a thing?

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