A cute and dressier alternative to leggings 

I know, I know! My leggings lovers must be saying there’s no such thing as something as an exact alternative to leggings, specially to the ones we love the most: the workout-closer to yoga pants type. I get it! They are that piece of clothing most moms love and wear very often because of course comfort. Even a not so big fan of them like me wears them because of.comfort haha, On crazy days with the little ones like today that I haven’t showered, I wear…leggings.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing leggings all the time if that’s what you like. I don’t care how many fashion people criticize moms for wearing them, and say they shouldn’t be worn out of the gym. Yet, I try to find different alternatives that provide some comfort but that also give me a feeling that sets my day in a different tone.

These past few months, as my belly has gotten bigger the thing that I’ve felt the most comfortable in have been casual dresses and a few skirts that don’t constrain my body. Not maternity jeans or leggings.

The best type of dresses and skirts

I’ve felt in love with midi or maxi casual skirts and dresses, preferably ribbed because they seem to work as maternity without being it. They are very flexible and easy to dress up or down. This is something I probably wouldn’t have tried in my non-pregnant days because somehow we think dresses or skirts will not work, but they do! Believe me! Even days where I don’t set a foot out of the house I’m so happy with a dress or skirt.

The day of these pics I had a prenatal check up so I might be a little more formal due to the fedora floppy hat and the ankle boots, but put that aside and add some nice trainers and it’s playground approved.

I paired a non-maternity ribbed long skirt, which due to my belly looks mid length and the slit a little bit higher and sexier (which is not bad when you feel like a whale), with a V-neck sweater and leather jacket. Oh and layered some necklaces. Believe me I was extremely comfortable! Right after I got home I got rid of the boots, jacket and hat and was happy (not so much) doing (laundry) things around the house and playing with my son. That’s some versatility! I even wore the skirt with a black velvet top for a Christmas party and everybody loved my “dress” haha

I’ll leave my comfortable dress and skirt picks below, but for now…are you willing to ditch the leggings or yoga pants for something different? Or are you a leggings lover? Let me know in the comments below!


Dresses and skirts (all under 50)

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