Cropped sweaters: The best type of crop top for moms

Why cropped sweaters? I don’t like regular outfit posts, so I always try to make sure there’s something valuable for you like how to wear something, or how to style something in many different ways, or I’ll recommend something I think is essential in a closet. So after some thinking, I put my attention in the cropped sweater, in how good I felt in it and in how most moms whose bodies are not what they used to, will shy away from not only them but every type of crop top because they think they won’t look good.

Cropped sweaters on the loose not too oversized side are one of the best kinds of crop tops for moms to wear. As long as you’re wearing high-rise pants, or wearing a longer top under it showing skin will not be an issue. I should also mention that is better when the sweater hits a little bit under your waist.

So here I’m just going to give you five reasons to try cropped sweaters and fall in love with them.

  1. The first and most important is that I wear a crop top without feeling constrained or showing skin.
  2. They give a break to the chunky oversized sweater-jeans/leggings combo.
  3. They elongate my body, especially if you’re on the petite side. I love how they make my legs look miles longer. ( I think that’s why I LOVE THEM)
  4. They are great to layer over dresses and wear with skirts for extra warm. As an added bonus the sweater makes the outfit more casual and playground appropriate paired with some sneaker or flat boots.
  5. They look great over button downs because they mark a waist

6. There’s an extra advantage for nursing moms! you’ll have less fabric to roll up while breastfeeding. I wear a low-neck layer under it so I don’t show any skin.

Are you ready to try them? Find some great crop sweaters below!


Cropped sweater: Zara (old) but this one is super similar /Jeans: Zara / Sneakers; J Slides (almost identical in black and pink)

What you don’t see!

I was soo tired of still wearing maternity jeans that I actually squeezed myself into them (they fit better now). I was surely able to  bottom them up because I’m wearing a waist trainer. Actually, it’s a splint. I have a 4 finger diastasis recti and have to wear that 24/7 along with doing some specific exercises. I got that condition after my first pregnancy but never really took care of it. However now that it got worse with this pregnancy I’m more conscious about caring for it.

For those who have one or are still wondering why they still have a tummy after having lost the weight and it’s been some time after giving birth, I recommend you check here The Tupler Technique to see if maybe you have a diastasis and if you do I also recommend the technique. I’m getting great results.

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading!

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