The type of summer pants you won’t want to take off!

Have you noticed I’m not a big fan of shorts? I was just checking and I only have one post where I style shorts. To be honest I have two pairs that I rotate constantly. That’s it. Years ago, I had a lot of shorts, but now I wear summer pants. Right after becoming a mom I found myself with a not so easy to dress pooch. I didn’t feel good with my old shorts – most of them low-rise – because of this very rebellious saggy and soft stomach. At the end, I gave them all away to my young sisters who could give my old clothes more use.

I could have probably just bought a ton of shorts to replace my old ones. Instead, I decided to start to experiment with other things like: jumpsuits, casual dresses, rompers, and yes, pants! I was actually already loving pants in summer, so motherhood and my new pooch just gave me the last push.

paperbag linen pants - summer pants

What type of summer pants?

Sometimes I wear skinny jeans or lightweight boyfriend (more like girlfriend) jeans but the pants I love the most to wear in summer time are linen joggers. Linen because it guarantees breathability. I will look for %100 linen or a large percentage of it blended with cotton, tencel and sometimes spandex to make them stretchy. And joggers or relaxed slim pants with pretty details like a paperbag waist, because even though I love the straight or wide leg that’s so common specially for the beach, I don’t find them versatile enough for my everyday life with my babies.

Fancy Joggers anyone? I am honestly at the point where I would love to wear some really cute stuff but once I ask myself if I can run, kneel, jump, do laundry, dishes (those are last in the list) carry two kids, and still be comfortable I’m like “MEHHHH, should I really try?” So any cute and nice detail in a foolproof piece like a jogger buys me immediately.

The day of these pics we were walking around Central Park on an almost 90 if not 90 degree weather. I honestly felt comfortable and don’t remember feeling my legs cooking. IMO.

A word of caution with these pants: They stretch throughout the day and you may feel like they are not as snug as you first put them in. I obviously felt weird the first time I wore them, but I quickly realized they still looked good and that I loved the comfort. You can size down and see if that works.

Tips to style them

On a not so active day I would have worn some cute flat sandals, but for this time I needed sneakers. Climbing rocks is guaranteed with my mischievous 3-year-old.

In the retailer pic of these pants, the model is wearing a boxy tee. Love the look but not on me as a petite. That’s why I go for a fitted top which balances out the loose pants. I’ve found three tops that work great for a lot of body types.

1. A bodysuit especially for those who don’t like crop tops.

2. A fitted crop tee that is long enough to meet with the high-rise of the pants and not show skin, if you don’t want to.

3. A cami or tank tucked in like in the pic below.

Paperbag or drawstring linen pants shopping guide!

This exact pair I’m wearing is almost sold out. Only sizes L and XL available. However I went on the look for some similar pairs that I loved so here they are:

linen joggers - summer pants

I made sure they were made in linen, or had a high amount of linen in it. Some may have a blend with cotton, tencel, rayon, and some spandex but it’s ok. Sometimes these blends help with wrinkles and shrinking issues. Keep in mind that polyester will make you sweat like crazy because is not absorbent or breathable.

1. Current Elliot paperbag ankle pants

2. Free People Paperbag pant (comes in blue, white and olive)

3. Free People Drawstring pants

4. Terrai Linen Cargo pants 

5. J. Crew Linen pant

6. Paperbag Linen Peg trousers

Shop my look

Top: Found it on Amazon bit this AE is similar. I;m going to try this bodysuit option.

Pants: Evelenses (Anthropologie) Check the Free people one above.  most similar.

Shoes: Converse Dainty OX



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