The bras and bralettes I want to live in all day! LITERALLY

Gorgeous bras that are truly comfortable enough for you to want to wear all day are hard to find. I’m a mom. I’m a stay-at-home mom and I’m a working-from-home mom. My days are long, top on that nursing a baby on demand and you get a very exhausted mama who needs not only a comfortable but also pretty bra.

I’ve had a long uncomfortable story with bras. My breasts have never been the part of my body I like the most. I have small breasts and coming from a family with larger breasts that felt a little traumatizing. For some time (especially my younger years) I settled for push up bras. Not a lot but some. However I didn’t feel good. Then I had a baby and hello larger breasts, still I couldn’t find a bra I loved, let alone a nursing one. Guess what happened next! I stopped breastfeeding said baby and I went back to small territory but this time I said “F**k it” and just accepted my size and new shape and fell in love with bralettes and lightly padded bras.

Lively bras and bralettes

Lively bras and bralettes

Today, I’m only thankful those breasts have given me the privilege of nurturing my two babies way beyond what I ever thought possible. That’s something I don’t want to take for granted because I’ve seen the struggle of many moms who couldn’t. Today, I just want to take care of them and what a better way than with a good bra. A supportive, comfortable and pretty bra. Because believe me, a pretty bra goes a long way to help me feel ME in the midst of motherhood chaos.

Lively is a brand that is making the term “leisuree” happen. That’s athleisure for lingerie which means is incredibly comfortable and wanting to live in their bras all day long is not a surprise! I have done it and it’s true. They are even more comfortable than my nursing bras. However, there’s something I love even more about this brand and that is how inclusive it is. I’ve seen a size range from an A cup to a DDD and not just on a retailer size chart but on pictures of real women in each size. Just take a look at their Instagram profile (@wearlively) and see with your own eyes.

A brand like that is a brand I can get behind, how about you?

This post is in collaboration with Lively. However all opinions are my own.


The Mesh Trim no-wire bra c/o – As a nursing mom I need an unwired bra and was surprised how supportive this one was without a wire.

The Color Block Mesh Trim Bralette c/o (busty version here DD-DDD) – Not nursing!!! I’m so jealous because this bralette is the best I’ve worn in a while. I still wear it here and there and risk having a milk let down but it’s just so pretty and flattering. Between husband loves it.

Use code AMB-theunbosom for $1o off your purchase. Get one, two or three. The more you buy the better price you get and believe me you’re going to one more than one.

Chao, chao. Julieta

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