Do you wear a bikini while pregnant?

Finding a swimsuit that we like isn’t easy whether pregnant or not. Something about revealing our bodies makes (me) many people uncomfortable and insecure because we are just exposing our flaws for the world to see. While some women feel empowered and beautiful and want to show their pregnant bodies in a bikini, others rather cover it. And maybe some are like me! I don’t feel the prettiest while pregnant, I actually feel more like a whale, however I kind of love that round growing belly and like to showcase it instead of covering it.

During my first pregnancy I wore bikinis without a thought. Those were probably the last few times I ever wore one thanks to a big baby and a petite body. My body was left with hundreds of stretch marks and saggy skin and bellybutton. As I slowly gained some confidence and learned to love my new body, I decided bikinis weren’t for me anymore. Eventually, I got a hold of the most beautiful one pieces I could find and felt good in and accepted my bikini days were over until maybe I changed my mind and decided I felt good in them.


That day just came! With a growing baby bump that has magically taken all that sagging skin and converted it into the temporary home of this baby I noticed my one piece bathing suits didn’t fit anymore. One day as I was putting my one of my favorite one pieces, I saw that my growing bump was bringing the neckline lower and lower. I knew I had two options: to get a maternity one or be brave and wear a bikini.

Now, I know there are amazing rouched maternity swimsuits. I’ve seen women looking really amazing in them, however I have this maternity anything phobia. Moreover, even though I’m not in the group of women who love being pregnant I want to enjoy this pregnancy (hopefully my last) as much as possible and for me that means going with the bikini even if I have to show the marks of my first pregnancy and believe me they are a lot and very deep ones. If you can’t see them is just the light.

At the end is not about wearing a bikini or not. It’s about being true to ourselves and doing the best we can to feel good without caring what others think. Nobody needs a perfect shape to be confident and make lasting memories. I’m definitely bigger this time around, my umbilical hernia is peeking out more and the stretch marks are there, but I actually felt empowered and happy I decided to wear a bikini again after 3 years. Or maybe was just me being happy for going on our first couple getaway since our son was born? Not sure…Anyways, do you want to wear a beautiful maternity swimsuit? Do it. Do you want to wear a bikini and show your bump? Awesome! What are your preferences?




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