Basics with a twist: How to look stylish without much thought






It’s true that when you’re a busy mom putting a lot of effort in your appearance is not very doable, that’s when most of us gravitate towards easy and basic pieces of clothing like t-shirts, pullovers, yoga pants and there’s absolutely no shame in that.

However I’ve found that by putting the effort in the root part: the shopping part, getting dressed and looking fashionable becomes an easy task because at the end we wear what we have and if we only have black leggings and t-shirts that’s what we’ll wear.

That’s way easier than putting make up on for me, most of the time as long as I feel well dressed I won’t really care if my face is bare. That’s what sunglasses are for!

A big example of what I’m talking about is this pullover. The lace-up details give an edge that modifies the whole outfit and seems like I put a lot of thought on it when I actually didn’t. I just went for some cutoffs and a pullover, to which I added some accessories and was ready within minutes.  Quick note wearing high-waisted shorts was extremely important to keep my midsection from peeking out through the lace-ups.

Now, if I go shopping I’ll look for the same basic pieces that make my life easier but always try to find that little detail that separates them from the rest. Sometimes even a change in fabric can transform a basic white t-shirt.

Don’t forget is a slow process if you can’t shop for a new wardrobe at once (I certainly can’t). However little by little I’ve been adding those pieces to my everyday wardrobe and I’ve actually had to get rid of all the ribbed tank tops and yoga pants so I wouldn’t rely on them all the time as I did when I was a new mom.

What do you think of spiced-up basics? Is it a good alternative for you? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you like the photos of my grocery trip. I want this to be as close to mom reality as possible so going to perfect locations is not something you guys will see very often here. Have an amazing week!


Pullover: One day (not petite)

Shorts: Zara

Ankle boots: Asos (very similar)

Cross-body: Asos (crazy about this one)

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