A little bit about The Unbosom

Unbosom: disclose one’s secrets and obtain relief by it

Perfectionist has been a word I’ve heard about me for the most part of my life. I wanted to feel accepted so the perfect daughter, student, wife, and lately mother were my goals. When I first thought of this blog, I wanted a perfect lifestyle blog like many others in the interweb. But being perfect is EXHAUSTING and certainly impossible.

Furthermore I would have completely failed at the perfect blog for a thousand reasons. Three of them here:

– My skin is anything but flawless (I have rosacea and I’m tired of covering it with makeup so it will be around in the pics).

– My home? well I try to have a system that works most of the time until you see my laundry room…and decoration is on hold because all funds have been put in this launch!

– …despite all my efforts my clothes are never fully ironed or clean (you can find spilled milk, puke and all sort of things on it) Oh! and manicured hands only happen once, or twice a year…so

Are you wondering why on earth did I decide to start a style blog for moms?

First, I believe we can still look good despite the puke, the wrinkles and the sleep deprovation. Second, I also believe a “fashion” or “stylish mom” is not one who follows trends or buys clothing all the time, but is the one who is true to herself whether she is rocking some yoga pants or a pair of culottes (yes, I’ve seen them) and third, well obviously I love clothes and went to fashion school and get constant texts from friends asking me for help in “what to wear”

Not only this is a style blog for moms, but also a source of truth and imperfections (yes, a protest against my perfectionism and all the perfect lifestyle blogs) I mess up constantly and if I can give you a laugh and disconnect you a little bit from this craziness called motherhood, I’ve done my job! Some tears too, I feel a lot! There’s where the name “Unbosom” comes from. It’s a word that means a lot to me because when I started being vulnerable and letting my imperfections out I became who God created me to be.

Something about me

I’m Julieth Torres. I’m 27 years old, a wife to an amazing man and a mom to a two year old and a baby I never got to hold. I was born and raised in Colombia, but during a semester I came to study English my now husband made the move and didn’t let me go back to my country without a ring on my hand. I quickly returned to Colombia, finished College, got married and moved to the United States at the young age of 21. I know I was crazy!

I think I’ll have an accent forever. I’ve struggled with depression. My best weapon to fight perfectionism is to confess my imperfections to whoever I meet. My miscarriage changed my life, but I’m thankful for both my depression and my miscarriage. I love God and my prayers are more like tantrums. I check all the labels of the groceries I buy, make protein kale smothies but have no issue when it comes to eating three or five doughnuts at once.

I can write better in a language I only learned a few years ago. I design and spend years making one single piece. My friends text me asking me what to wear or how to style something, but sometimes I have no clue what to wear myself.

About you and us

If you made it here Thank you! and welcome to The Unbosom!

I know this looks a lot about me, but at the end it’s about you and me, about us.

I don’t have mom style figured out and I never will because is a never ending progress just as motherhood is. My desire is to make of The Unbosom a platform where you can get some shameless style inspiration and I say shameless because it will not be perfect or faked.

So take a look around, I’ve got some posts up for you already. At the end of most posts there’s a behind the scenes section so you can always remember there’s nothing perfect…and overall…

You’ll laugh

You’ll cry

and see how motherhood

turns your wardrobe upside down…

and there’s no shame in that…

Wellcome to The Unbosom

Love you all!